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Our portal is for all who love to sing professionally or just at home for yourself. The site contains the backing tracks and sound huge number of songs domestic and foreign artists, which you can listen to online or download.

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What is minus one?

Minus One Minus - is the soundtrack, which is close to the original soundtrack or the original itself, but without the performer's voice, sometimes with a "back" support. Minus - a musical term - the jargon, is derived from the word minus, that is one less tool (solo and most of all - the voice). Minus is usually recorded in the studio and has a high quality, so do not be confused with Cell karaoke. In the karaoke accompaniment is always registered the main voice that does not allow the performer to improvise a song in this Minus One Accompaniment not. Minus apply singers at concerts, bars, restaurants, etc.

Last Update Backing Tracks

No Puedo Arrancarte De Mi Cristian Castro 04:01 3.66 Mb скачать
Conta Outra Maria Rita 03:52 3.55 Mb скачать
Say My Name/Cry Me A River The Neighbourhood 04:37 8.00 Mb скачать
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath 05:47 4.26 Mb скачать
I Should Have Know Better(Remix) The Beatles 02:25 1.85 Mb скачать
Another Light Tesla Boy 03:17 3.07 Mb скачать
Rain Status Quo 04:47 4.38 Mb скачать
Nigun purim Hebrew 02:21 2.18 Mb скачать
Fireflies Faith Hill 04:31 4.13 Mb скачать
Maurane - tu verras Maurane 04:00 5.51 Mb скачать
Never x over is your part Kat-Tun 04:59 11.39 Mb скачать
Moi Quand Je Pleure Celine Dion 03:52 3.49 Mb скачать
I Love To Hate U Erasure 04:11 3.16 Mb скачать
Rain Is Falling ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) 03:53 5.33 Mb скачать
Do You Know (Rosario Craig Mix) Enrique Iglesias 03:46 8.60 Mb скачать
Ambulante Renato Zero 04:58 4.44 Mb скачать
Crying At The Discoteque Alcazar 03:52 8.85 Mb скачать
Zero to Ten Teacher Kiel 02:01 1.82 Mb скачать
Big City swing SATB 02:46 6.35 Mb скачать
Cannot Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers 04:22 4.01 Mb скачать
Te Suelto El Pelo Wisin & Yandel 02:27 1.67 Mb скачать
Firefly Uriah Heep 05:26 4.97 Mb скачать
To My Parents Anna Clendening 04:28 10.21 Mb скачать
Ta paidia tou peiraia (?? ?????? ??? ???????) Melina Merkouri 03:23 3.10 Mb скачать
Light Of The World GOSPEL 03:04 2.83 Mb скачать
Libre Soy Martina Stoessel 03:48 3.48 Mb скачать
Earth Intruders Bjork (Gudmundsdottir) 04:30 6.02 Mb скачать
X X-Japan 06:03 5.46 Mb скачать
Mela Rossa Della Sera Zucchero 05:09 4.65 Mb скачать
Opening Sword art Online 01:38 2.98 Mb скачать
Flaca Calamaro Andres 04:39 5.35 Mb скачать
Spooky Puppini Sisters, The 02:46 2.53 Mb скачать
Pretty Noose Soundgarden 04:21 3.71 Mb скачать
La Mia Citta Emma Marrone 03:02 2.79 Mb скачать
Skinny Love Birdy 03:20 2.48 Mb скачать
It Hurts Me So Johanson Jay Jay 06:12 14.40 Mb скачать
Breathe in. Breathe out. Hilary Duff 03:31 3.23 Mb скачать
Make Me A Memory Grover Washington-Jr. 05:43 5.23 Mb скачать
Mishehu tamid holeh iti Ofra Haza 03:07 7.18 Mb скачать
M-a trimis mama la vie Doi frati 03:59 7.29 Mb скачать
Let S Do It (Let S Fall In Love) Dee Dee Bridgewater 03:30 4.82 Mb скачать
Floyd The Barber Nirvana 02:16 1.75 Mb скачать
The Climb Connie Talbot 03:32 3.14 Mb скачать
Je fais de toi mon essentiel Moire E. 03:19 7.60 Mb скачать
Diva Plavalaguna Voice Mula (Tchako) Inva 04:46 10.93 Mb скачать
This house is not for sale Bon Jovi 03:53 8.89 Mb скачать
Polk Salad Annie Elvis Presley 05:08 4.70 Mb скачать
Eras tu Merche 04:05 3.69 Mb скачать
Il Bandito E Il Campione De Gregori Francesco 04:24 8.08 Mb скачать
Bidduzza Carmelo Zappulla 04:00 3.69 Mb скачать
Slow Down Morcheeba 04:10 5.75 Mb скачать
Se Ci Vogliamo Bene Giusy Mercury 04:26 3.95 Mb скачать
Run a Way The Soundlovers 03:29 7.96 Mb скачать
La Rumba De Nicolas Gipsy Kings 03:57 3.08 Mb скачать
Hero Takes A Fall The Bangles 03:17 3.04 Mb скачать
Courage Haruka Tomatsu 02:16 2.08 Mb скачать
The One Feather Tail Of Miss Gertrude McFuzz Stephen Flaherty 01:21 1.17 Mb скачать
Otan to tilefono xtipisei Konstantinos Xristoforou 04:23 10.04 Mb скачать
Bang Bang (My baby shot me down) Arnold T 04:13 9.67 Mb скачать
Pretend Nat "King" Cole 02:45 2.38 Mb скачать
All Things Go Nicki Minaj 04:56 4.54 Mb скачать
Make The World Go Round R Kelly 04:49 4.51 Mb скачать
I Got You (I Feel Good) (remix) James Brown 03:09 2.88 Mb скачать
One In A Million Ne-Yo 04:03 3.07 Mb скачать
Captive heart Selena Quintanilla-Perez 04:08 3.82 Mb скачать
Por Amor A Ti Cristian Castro 03:48 3.28 Mb скачать
Bitch-Dont-Kill-My-Vibe Kendrick Lamar 04:55 4.54 Mb скачать
Eye Of The Tiger Bill Conti 04:09 3.82 Mb скачать
Love John Lennon 03:22 4.62 Mb скачать
Watermelon In Easter Hay Frank Zappa 04:56 3.83 Mb скачать
Two Moons EXO 03:03 3.50 Mb скачать
Macho Man Village People 03:37 6.49 Mb скачать
Tamiioasa Doi frati 04:39 5.32 Mb скачать
Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing Bee Gees 04:32 4.17 Mb скачать
War of Harmone BTS 04:26 7.39 Mb скачать
Mad Desire Den Harrow 06:32 14.97 Mb скачать
como te extra?o Cafe Tacuba 03:45 6.25 Mb скачать
Rock Steady Bad Company 03:54 3.42 Mb скачать
Get Out Of My Way Paul McCartney 03:36 8.23 Mb скачать
Kyrie Mr.Mister 04:41 4.20 Mb скачать
Ekpliksi Anna Vissi 04:28 6.13 Mb скачать
Gift Of A Friend Lovato Demi 03:20 3.84 Mb скачать
For All We Know Carpenters, The 02:53 2.64 Mb скачать
Hands In The Air Joe Satriani 04:38 2.98 Mb скачать
Soul Man The Blues Brothers 02:56 4.05 Mb скачать
Self Control Carmen Grace 03:37 3.32 Mb скачать
Wild Heart The Vamps 03:12 4.40 Mb скачать
Mmm Yeah (ft.Pitbull) Austin Mahone 03:52 8.84 Mb скачать
Late goodby Poets Of The Fall 03:19 4.55 Mb скачать
Io So Che Finira Anna Tatangelo 03:52 3.48 Mb скачать
-Believe Cher 03:53 3.48 Mb скачать
La Nostra Eta Difficile Pooh 04:05 3.67 Mb скачать
Nobody Jack Freeman 05:38 4.83 Mb скачать
The Wolf Is Loose Mastodon 03:32 2.70 Mb скачать
Nici madonna nici shakira Nicolae Guta 03:11 3.65 Mb скачать
Stefan banica jr - gaseste-mi un loc in inima ta car Stefan Banica 03:32 4.88 Mb скачать
SEDAKA Neil You Mean Everything To Me Neil Sedaka 02:08 2.95 Mb скачать
Outro Lugar Salome de Bahia 04:20 3.93 Mb скачать
Lisa Ono - Every Breath You Take Ono Lisa 03:45 5.62 Mb скачать
Too Late Now Stewart Bob 04:18 5.83 Mb скачать

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