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Our portal is for all who love to sing professionally or just at home for yourself. The site contains the backing tracks and sound huge number of songs domestic and foreign artists, which you can listen to online or download.

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What is minus one?

Minus One Minus - is the soundtrack, which is close to the original soundtrack or the original itself, but without the performer's voice, sometimes with a "back" support. Minus - a musical term - the jargon, is derived from the word minus, that is one less tool (solo and most of all - the voice). Minus is usually recorded in the studio and has a high quality, so do not be confused with Cell karaoke. In the karaoke accompaniment is always registered the main voice that does not allow the performer to improvise a song in this Minus One Accompaniment not. Minus apply singers at concerts, bars, restaurants, etc.

Last Update Backing Tracks

Set fire to the rain 4 Adele 04:05 5.32 Mb
39 sa 2 Ceca 04:52 11.15 Mb
8 Hi-Fi 03:12 2.95 Mb
Glory to god Georg Friedrich Handel 01:57 3.60 Mb
Always On My Mind 2 Michael Buble 04:33 10.42 Mb
Last Christmas 5 George Michael 03:38 6.67 Mb
Close To You Carpenters 04:04 5.60 Mb
Mateo Mateo 02:34 4.27 Mb
Trust in Me Sterling Holloway 03:29 3.20 Mb
Soy Lo Que Me Das 3 Chenoa 04:00 3.68 Mb
Tarde 2 Rocio Durcal 03:10 4.37 Mb
Le bien qui fait mal Mikelangelo Loconte 03:02 6.97 Mb
Something 5 Beatles 02:57 5.34 Mb
Nyc Charles Strouse 04:54 4.51 Mb
Mach auf mein engelsei nicht verzweifelt Sylvester Levay 04:07 5.30 Mb
My Next Thirty Years 3 Tim McGraw 03:50 3.52 Mb
Perduta ho la pace Giuseppe Verdi 04:26 10.18 Mb
Whisper My Name Randy Travis 03:19 3.04 Mb
Hillbilly Shoes Montgomery Gentry 03:27 3.18 Mb
Soul Man Blues Brothers 02:55 4.03 Mb
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